PSVG Interviews Suda51 at Momocon 2018

PSVG was able to interview the legend, Goichi Suda at Momocon 2018 in Atlanta, GA. Could he port The Silver Case to Switch? Killer7? Why did he come back to Travis Touchdown and No More Heroes? Working with Nintendo on NX. How being an undertaker impacted his games, professional wrestling, James Gunn, and so much more, you wont want to miss this one. Listen or download the podcast on Podbean.



PSVG Interviews Troy Baker & Nolan North at Momocon 2018

We had the amazing opportunity to interview two of most amazing, if the the best, voice actors in video games in Troy Baker (Joel from The Last of Us) & Nolan North (Nathan Drake from Uncharted). These guys have tons of experience, accolades, and talent spanning multiple generations of video games, tv shows, and animated series voice-overs. Download this special interview on Podbean!


Interview- Renee Cooper from MomoCon 2018

This week PSVG is including a special episode where we reveal that none other than the boss man himself, Donnie will be in attendance at this years MomoCon in Georgia as a member of the press. Renee Cooper (Media Relations) from MomoCon spends some time chatting with us about the event, the guests, and all the amazing things they have planned May 24th - 27th. We also slip in some video game talk of course, MomoCon will be featuring some amazing guests such as Suda51, Nolan North, Troy Baker and Yacht Club Games. For more information and to buy tickets visit right now!!! What are you waiting for?!?! Grab the podcast here:  Podbean


PSVG God of War SpoilerCast

PSVG takes an early dive into first impressions of the entire game with deep secrets, deeper moments, and a fine line between Norse Mythology and Kratos' future legacy with his son.


Labo Reviewcast Ft. Justin Warner

Nintendo, the ambassadors for the odd and quirky in the gaming universe released some new stuff, with cardboard and the collective internet had a mental meltdown. But have no fear Kevin is here to break all down for you and give you some real hands on exposure with Labo, and he brought along a little friend, Justin Warner returns to help save this experience from the skeptics. Be sure to check out the video version on youtube as well if you are interested in the built items as well.

Audio at

PSVG 130 - Ch-Ch-Changes


On this weeks episode, Kevin has returned from the humidity of Florida to be joined by Tyler and Donnie as they talk some God of War (Spoiler free), Labo (Spoiler Free) and Adventure Pals. We also get into the MCU a little and who each Staff member would be in the MCU, as well as Games with Gold, Playstation Plus and this weeks releases. Also a new segment is unveiled towards the end of the show.