PSVG 144: Come and Pray at the Altar of GFuel This week Kevin is live with the triumphant return of Dev, and super ultra rare guest Lucas from Fluxtaposed. We will talk, Doom, Overcooked 2, Bethesda, our Favorite limited edition console, COD, Battlefield and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!! 

Platinum Executive Producers: Corey Hicks & Mr Mark Moody

Gold Executive Producer: Mike BC, Panache Malloy

Executive Producers: Tony Hutchinson, Donnie Reece, Stephen Iafrate, JoeySplats, Caro Underwood, Dante Bellini Jr., Jared Gauthier, Dude427, Kevin Austin, Josh Borbone, Tammi Ryan, Robert Miller, Tim Aulph, Martini Jean, David Ray, Jesse Armstrong