PSVG - MomoCon 2018 Wrap Up

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Donnie sits down to spill the beans about everything from MomoCon. We discuss games from the show floor, meeting all of these developers who devote so much time and energy to bring their ideas to life so that we could be entertained, what it was like to meet SUDA51 (!!!) and a behind the scenes account on working a convention as a press member.

Also, check below for some of Donnie's favorite games from Momocon 2018.

For those that listened to our Nintendo Shack podcast last week, yes Erik from Rock Fish Games was an awesome encounter & yes he does listen to the Nintendo Shack podcast. That being said, NO ITS NOT THE REASON EVERSPACE is here in my favorite games list. This game was arguably the most polished, best looking game at the show not to mention as fun to play as it is to look at.

Its coming to Switch so those that would prefer to hold out go ahead, but if this one has caught your attention you can play it right away on PS4, Xbox and Steam. Check out the website.

Sleep Tight

It only dawned on me when I sat down to write this blog post and comb through my notest that I forgot to mention Sleep Tight on the wrap-up podcast. What a huge, unfortunate mistake that I'll correct on next week's Nintendo Shack podcast.

Sleep Tight immediately grabbed my attention in the Momocon gaming lineup due to the fact that it's coming soon to our Nintendo Switch's this July 26th.  One of the many games either on Switch or coming to Switch, Sleep Tight is built on the Unreal engine (just like Everspace) and its a LOT of fun to play. Grab one of the 12 unlockable characters and being building your pillow fort defenses and your favorite weapon and prepare for battle. I only got a chance to play Sleep Tight in one sitting and that's all it took for me to know that this will be a hit game for Nintendo players. Competitive types like our Jason will enjoy the online ranking and leader-boards while Caroline is going to enjoy unlocking all of the sketch-art characters in this Pixar looking hoard battler. Check out there website here.

Mowin & Throwin

As detailed on the podcast, Mowin & Throwin left a lasting impression on me as I made my rounds around the show floor at Momocon. First, this is a great "con game" in that its fast to play, easy to pick up and learn on the fly, and the frantic gameplay typically means there's a lot of good-nature yelling and smiles all around during a competitive match. The 2v2 local multiplayer only game mixes elements of Plants vs. Zombies with stun and throwables, Overcooked's coordination challenges and Splatoon's turf war. Check out the game currently in beta.

Cosmos Quick Stop

A recurring theme to hear on the Momocon floor was "Overcooked-like" or "kind of like Overcooked" and its clear that the formula for frantic fun mixed with couch-coop amongst friends and family is one that indie developers have their sights set on.

The best example of a game trying to capture that essence is Cosmos Quick Stop which I must admit has a great opening pitch: "Welcome to the fast-paced world of interstellar gas station management!" Yes, interstellar gas station management (lol). With Cosmos Quick Stop, the team at Big Sir Games have product both interesting in style and gameplay as you rush around the hub cleaning the "glorp" rooms, topping off gas tanks, or grabbing some food. Check out Cosmos on the Big Sir website and get to know two awesome developers in Ian and Erin.


Samsara is currently available on Xbox, PC, and mobile platforms and should be getting onto Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018. It's an eye catcher as the Unity game features some really spiffy style that reminded me of ubi-art games (Rayman Legends). While there are a LOT of puzzle games on various gaming platforms these days, Samsara attempts to differentiate from the norm with a light-and-dark world that mirror each other adding a sliver of complexity to some common, procedural block moving puzzles. Its not a real time puzzler, the player moves, rotate the obstacles in the level and then kick off Zee and her shadow self to see if you have the correct combination to get them both to their respective destinations without falling off the level or touching hazards. Interested? Learn more over on the Samsara page.