#48 – Nintendo Switch Online Launches

The Shack is Back!!! This week we’re joined by Marty Estes from @NintendoDads to discuss all things Nintendo Switch Online. Shack goes through the pre-launch, NES-Flix, cloud saves, game sharing and more before answering some listener questions. Follow… Read More

Nintendo Shack 47 – Nintendo Direct 9.13.18

The SHACK is BACK and this week’s episode runs down everything you need to know from today’s Nintendo Direct, our thoughts & opinions, and whether or not Caroline and Donnie think Switch 2019 can be better than Switch’s… Read More

PSVG 147: Donnie and the Curious Case of FOMO

This week Kevin is joined by Donnie and Caro as we discuss a special patreon announcement, the delayed Nintendo Direct and the strange announcements that have followed, Fortnite Monopoly, Humble Bundle, Lego Harry Potter and the Witcher Netflix… Read More

Nintendo Shack 46 – Directly Delayed

The SHACK is BACK and this week we discuss the properly delayed Nintendo Direct, the games the Shack trio has been playing of late, Yoshi, Mega Man, Streets of Rage 4 & more. Follow us on Twitter at… Read More

PSVG 146: Big Balls Shooter Bros

This Week Kevin is joined by the Mighty LOBORICAN and Mr. Bad Bit Himself as they break down the news of the week and talk Fortnite, Games with Gold, PS+, the Madden Incident, and Nintendo’s Indie Treatment Thank… Read More

Bonus Pod: mCables Review and CEO Interview

In this episode, Nathan reviews the mCables Cinema and Gaming edition cables, and interviews Marseille Inc CEO Amine Chabane. Find out more about the cables at http://www.marseilleinc.com and if you choose to buy, use code TE4MCABLE for a… Read More

Nintendo Shack 45 – Too Many Indies?

This week the Shack tackles Nintendo of America’s Nindie highlight, that sweet sweet Smash Ultimate Pro Controller, Onimusha and ask ourselves if it’s Nintendo’s responsibility to provide more coverage for their Nintendo partners oh and yeah…. Seth brought… Read More

The State of The Xbox Empire VI – All Access

Donnie joins Nathan this month to discuss a bit of news out of GamesCom, Xbox All Access, and more! Thank you to our Patreon Supporters: Platinum Executive Producers: Corey Hicks & Mr Mark Moody Gold Executive Producer: Mike BC, Panache Malloy Executive… Read More

PSVG 145: Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo

Kevin is joined by the gentlemen of PSXP Seth and Justin as they discuss AC + Ubisoft, as well as all the news out of GamesCon Thank you to our Patreon Supporters:

Bonus: Nintendo Shack X Nintendo Powercast

Didn’t get enough Nintendo audio this week? The Nintendo Shack headed over to N64Josh territory for an episode of Nintendo Power Cast! Here’s a double serving of Shack this week, we hope you enjoy the show and head… Read More