Nintendo Shack 79 - Another Fiscal Year in Review

The SHACK is BACK! This week we’re playing Breath of the Wild & Odyssey in Labo VR & Boxboy+Boxgirl. We break down a few highlights for Nintendo’s earnings report and whether or not that mini-switch is coming soon. We highlight some notable May releases you should have on your radar and then we crack open the mailbag to answer…. why does Zelda get so many more remakes than Mario?

Much thanks to our wonderful Patreon Producers - Coach Hulk, Edwin Calo, Devin Tyus, Kevin Austin, Chris M., Kyle Haiman, Josh Borbone, Joel Voss, Nick Metzger, Nathan Thomas, Caroline Underwood, Grrouchie Serge, Justin Pickerd, Delvin Cox, Barry Cathcart, Paul Callicoat & Ryan Craig

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