Nintendo Shack 36 - A Labo-What?!!

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The SHAAACCK is BACK! This week in the Shack Donnie & Caroline discuss Labo X Mario Kart 8 News, Lions Song coming to Switch, what a GameCube classic would mean to us, Switch pro, what Donnie thinks of this generation and hardware in general and so much more!!! Truly a really great show, thank you so much for contributing and listening, it means everything to us.

Nintendo Shack 32: It's Not a Comeback

The SHACK is BACK and this week we're discussing our E3 predictions, a new E3 rumor/leak, brief Pokemon news and all about that HYLIAN 2DSXL! Oh yeah almost forgot, BOBBY'S BACK! Yep, the Nintendo Guru came over to SHACK with us tonight.