Gameumentary Releases Their Premiere Documentary

Video games are my most time-consuming hobby, mostly because of PSVG, but one hobby I try to give as much time to as I can is watching documentaries. When those hobbies collide, it is a best of both worlds situation for me. The first one to suck me in was 2 Player Productions work Double Fine Adventure which is the story of making Broken Age. It is long but worth the watch. I also enjoy the work Danny O'Dwyer does over on Noclip. Both of these groups do quality work, but there are so many stories to tell, I am happy to see a new team carving out a name for themselves: Gameumentary. Their first piece is a look at Runic Games. You may know them from Torchlight and Torchlight 2, but they are currently working on one of my most anticipated games: Hob. The production quality of this piece is impressive, especially considering they did it 100% self-funded. If you are interested in game development, the Torchlight series, Hob, or documentaries, I recommend you check it out. The only drawback for me was I wanted more. Luckily, Gameumentary has been breaking out the extended interviews individually to provide even more juicy content. The full documentary short The Story of Runic Games is below but be sure to check out their YouTube and website for more information!