NBA 2K18 MyGM/MyLeague Detailed

[et_pb_section bb_built="1"][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.0.62" background_layout="light" text_orientation="left" border_style="solid"] The NBA 2K series is, quite possibly, my favorite annualized franchise. I love watching basketball, and think the series continually does a great job of representing the game you see on TV.

Today, Erick Boenisch from 2K Sports outlined a lot of enhancements to NBA 2K18's MyGM Mode — which is my preferred way to play the game. What isn't mentioned is whether these additions apply also to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. (If not, I won't be getting the game on Switch. If it's included, I will be grabbing the game on Switch).

Check out the full post over on Operation Sports at this link, but here are my top highlights from the new features:

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The MyGM mode will now include a base story for your created general manager, who was a top-tier NBA Player before injuring his leg 6 years prior. In the post, Boenisch mentions that customization and player choice is still the most important thing, but it will be wrapped in a slightly different package. This is great news, and I hope the cutscenes and player interactions will be more varied and interesting this year. (I also hope that player motivations and expectations can be fixed. If If I have LeBron James on my team, sorry Kyle Korver, but you aren't my starting SF.)

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Basketball nerd stuff that a lot of people playing the game won't care about, and yet it's exciting to see the actual NBA rules making it into the game, from mid-level exception increases, to the Stretch Provision, the Free Agent Moratorium Period and the inclusion of the Ted Stepien Rule (look it up). Also kind of related, you can now "stash" international players you've drafted overseas until you're ready to bring them over.

G-League Integration

The newly renamed former D-League will be a little bit more important now. As the GM, you can now send young players to the G-League for playing time — not unlike how the Cavs sent Kay Felder back and forth to Canton a few times last season. Two-way contracts will allow your young players to gain actual playing experience, while you have the ability to bring them up to the NBA team for occasional progress checks or injury relief.

Custom branding

One of the coolest features in NBA 2K17 was the ability to add expansion teams, on top of being able to relocate an existing team or rebrand the team in the same city. In 2K18, they're adding the ability to create an alternate uniform, which will give an extra available look. You can also now rebrand in an existing arena — meaning if you want a new-look Timberwolves arena to go with your new additions, you can stay in the Target Center with a new floor instead of building a whole new arena. Finally, they've added 10 new cities for relocation, including Virginia Beach, Colorado Springs and more.

There are a lot more exciting additions in the post as well. Head on over to Operation Sports to learn more! NBA 2K18 is just about six weeks away!