Call of Duty: A Question from their Biggest fan

See the source image So I am sitting here eating my whole wheat bbq chicken TBLT (turkey bacon, lettuce, and tomato) and staring at my twitter feed hoping for more Bears news. Another teacher walks in and does the head nod signaling of course hello. Most people use the head nod in my experience because of fear. They are scared to say hello or scared to interrupt you. Some think it looks cool (it doesn't) but I try to spend less time thinking of those people than I do eating tofu.

This teacher warmed up their food in the microwave and sat two tables away from me. Not far enough to say hey don't talk to me, but not close enough to say hey lets talk right now.

So I finished watching my dude Turbo talking with the media (thank you Atlanta for letting us get him) and put my phone down. I introduced myself to the teacher and starting talking back and forth about what we do, how long we've been here, etc. I got up to toss my yogurt in the trash, grabbed my stuff and sat down next to the teacher and continued our chat.

Then the question was brought up. Games of the video persuasion. This is one of the hardest things I have to maneuver as a teacher. Some teachers love games, many hate them. The line is black and white and its hard to find many in the grey area.

I responded to the question and said I play a lot of games and gave my whys, to get to know my students better by relating to their passion as well as I love them now and enjoy this form of media.

The teacher breathed a sigh of relief and told me they were a gamer as well and his favorite types of games, rpgs. We chatted for a few more minutes and I told him if he wanted to try the xbox (he is a sony guy) there is one in my office and he is free to jump on. As I walked to my office I began to think of my favorite types of games, shooters and sports games. Then I thought of Call of Duty, easily the franchise I spent the most money on. And then this hit me.


How is that not a thing? Why cant we jump into the battlefield together and conquer levels and take out bad guys? Why is their not a story mode that engages you with your friends instead of you being forced to play alone. If Destiny can do it so well, why cant they?

This would be the best COD mode since Team Deathmatch. Could you imagine you are storming the beach, pinned down and trying to find a whole in the lines. Then your best friend draws their fire and you push through to secure a bunker and protect other players. I mean how awesome would that be? So much HYPE I cant even contain myself.

What do you think, what are your thoughts on this? I mean doesn't that make sense in this world of gaming that this is a thing?

Ok headed to work, reach out to @psvgkevin @psvgblog @thecoachhulk @datyus and we will have to chat this up. Love ya'll and talk to you later.