Sea of Thieves: Rough Seas turn into Pirate Legend

sea-of-thieves-kraken-screenThis won't be a long story but I felt it important enough to share. This morning, my wife and I were sipping our coffees and just talking about what all we have to do today in preparations for the upcoming sale of our home. Normally when we have these couch confession sessions, I or her will turn on a system and one of us or both of us will navigate the menu to give our hands something to do. This morning it ended up with her trying Sea of Thieves out on her newly reactivated Xbox Live account. As she loaded the game, I could see the frustration in that she couldn't create a character that looked like her. She eventually settled on a haggard looking lady with a cloth mummy wrap top that made my wife chuckle, and scars all over. She named her Scared Aces and I chuckled. As the game loaded up I saw my first server issues in the game. Now the downstairs Xbox one is on the best 4K TV we have, a Curved 70 inch Samsung that checks all of the 4K boxes when you set up the X. However, it has wireless internet because the router is upstairs in our game room.

As I watched the character jump all over, glitching and freezing, I could tell this was about to be rough. But my wife pushed on. She eventually got in the boat, sailed to the first island with some help and got her first chest. Then chaos and the reason I love this game all came in one fell swoop.

As I helped her set course for the next Island, she glitched out and had get back on the boat, luckily the wind turned it so she was able to swim back on board, catch her bearings and continue on. Then as she was sailing to the island, a crazy set of events took place. She saw a boat already there, freaked out and was trying to decide what to do. In doing so she rammed her ship into the island. With one boat leaking and a chest on board, she tried to frantically bail water. Then she heard a voice.

"You Ok?" Vapes2 said. "I'm friendly I promise... I'm coming to help you with the boat ok, don't shoot don't shoot."

We didn't have a mic hooked up so we couldn't respond. I feared that this glitch-filled experience was going to sour everything as she had only then dropped the anchor, fixed one of the three holes and was bailing water as fast as she could only to have the lag/glitch have the water that was being thrown off the boat end up being thrown back in.

Vapes2 (or that's the name we think he had) began to fix the boat, help bail water, and once it was finished jumped to the top of the ship.

Grateful, we showed him our map. He led us to the spot and helped dig. A skeleton popped up as Lacey was digging and he killed it before it got her. As she picked up the chest, he watched as she boarded the boat and took off to turn in her treasure.

Vapes2: You are the legend we need.

Thank you for helping make this first experience a better one that we have been talking about ever since we stopped and began working on our house. These moments are what can make Sea of Thieves one of the best games this year and I hope to someday repay the kindness we got from Vapes2.

Thank you again to our Pirate Legend.