Coach's Thoughts on the Tomb Raider Movie

See the source image Today I am walking with a sore back and two banged up knees. Everything from my shoulder blades down to the small of my back has that twinge of soreness. My knees sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies with freshly poured milk on them. Snap, crackle, POP! This isn't from some great work out or from all the hugs I got recently meeting three awesome MTTG alums. No, the soreness is from falling down the stairs. After meeting Gabe, Chris, and Jenny I was so jacked. I just wanted to play some games after our hang out and dive into this amazing community here at PSVG. As I ran up the stairs I forgot my phone was sitting on the table and like a giant goof ball that I am, I just turned around and stepped two steps down. However, in doing so my shoes slide across the carpet and my body, all 350 lbs of it flew and proceeded to bend and twist as I fell down the stairs. I remember being in pain but stood up and shook it off. Got some ice, something to drink, and headed upstairs much more carefully. Now a day later, everything is sore. It's the same feeling I would get after a football game, sore from head to toe. I imagine this is what it feels like in PUBg when you run into an enemy and neither of you has a gun.

I say all this to paint you a funny picture but also because this analogy works for another experience. You see, this is the exact experience I have during the launch of every video game movieĀ  I've seen so far. I get my hopes up that they will find a way to take the amazing story of the video games I love and turn it into a great movie. I take off in excitement to the theater, get my popcorn and seat ready, and without a doubt, end of up falling hard on the ground level of B and C list level movies. I did enjoy the Warcraft movie, but I had no background in the lore so it wasn't a big deal to me that it skipped some things and took some liberties. I defended the Assassin's Creed movie because I saw some hope and promise in what was a low 70 on the Coach scale for a movie. I don't know why I keep letting myself get tricked into skipping steps and hurriedly rushing to the theater to see these movies. But I believe this time will be different. This is the new Tomb Raider.

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My first ever Tomb Raider game was the reboot back in 2013. I remember walking by it with my wife in the GameStop in Orlando and going, that looks cool and picking it up. I loved the story, the gameplay, and most of all the incredible character of Laura Croft. What a STUD! Seriously, she was the best video game hero ever in my book after I finished that game. I went back and begged for help getting the collectors edition, which I did, in fact, get after (my first one to be exact).

So a movie based on this game should be awesome right? They did a great job casting the character to look like a real girl. Not that hot mess that is the OG Tomb Raider character but a real human person who could actually run without tipping over due to some grossly over-proportion and purvey character design. (Seriously, I went back and bought one of the OG games after playing the reboot and lasted 3 min and turned that hot trash off)

What scares me though isn't the story or the awesome character, it's that the best part of the game was the things I had to do, choices I had to make, and the growth I saw in the character on the story we did together. This is where I think video game movies have failed, they miss out on the biggest portion of the game, the user. In my Tomb Raider experience Laura was clever, smart, and constantly using the shadows to her advantage. Others may have gone in guns a blazing and took on bosses and foe alike! Because we all play different, our stories are different. How do you mirror that in the movie to satisfy all these different gamers?

If I had an answer, I'd be making the Brink movie and watching the money flow in!!! (Maybe not flow...) Regardless, I will be there this Thursday night at 7pm to see Tomb Raider and hope I don't fall again.

Thank you for your time and if you see the movie, let me know. Can't wait to see where we all land in the end.

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