Review: The Coma Recut on Nintendo Switch

See the source image You know - Back when we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do, we had this little thing on YouTube called 'Reviews Done Quick' - At its best it was a 60-90 second take on a video game aimed at helping people know what they needed to know without wasting their time. At its worst - It was selfish excuse to not write 18 paragraphs describing our reactions and impressions to a video game :)

The jokes on us, it took way longer to edit those videos than writing 18 paragraphs lol. But due to my lack of time this holiday season, I thought you know what really need the "RDQ" treatment? Our ACTUAL written reviews. So with that intro, please let me provide to you my "Review Done Quick" attempt using one of my favorite indie releases on Nintendo Switch - The Coma Recut.

What Do You Need To Know?

The Coma Recut is a horror-adventure game that has just arrived on Switch but has been available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms since September. ACTUALLY the game actually released back in 2015 on Mac/Windows as The Coma: Cutting Class but has been updated quite a bit to make up today's console version.

In a lot of ways its not very different from an Oxenfree in design - You explore environments in a 2D space that visually, is wonderfully created  in the style of a comic strip. The game looks great, both in portable and on the dock on that Nintendo Switch of yours.

While you'll see the word 'survival' if you look this game up, I can't back up that claim. Resources are plentiful as is money AND the enemies are easy enough to run away from / avoid. That said - The enemies do their job of adding to the tension, blocking areas you shouldn't be in, etc.

There's quite a bit of back tracking to find new clues, items, people / dialog that when found in the right pattern will open up new corridors or access to other areas to advance your story. That's pretty much the gameplay - Very much like a TellTale game, walk around, click on the objects read and react. The dialogue and stories you find though more than make up for the effort and it's ultimately a sit down once or twice and beat game, so if you're weekends free, there's a lot to find here.

My only real con is that the game didn't do as much as I would have liked developing the secondary characters. This narrative, especially with it's great writing, could have done so much to invest more in the narrative but I do suppose the original design was to be a shorter-ish game so it's understandable - I JUST WANTED MORE MEATY DIAGLOG!

Bottom Line - What I really want to say is if you were ever a fan of Clock Tower on PS2 or even Resident Evil Nemesis, I think you would enjoy playing The Coma Recut on Switch, PC, PS4 or XB1. The tension of being hunted while uncovering this mysterious high school is compelling and the slight Persona vibes in style and setting are a treat. I do think the Switch price of entry ($20) might be a bit on the high side given that the game is available for cheaper elsewhere and the the overall amount of game is easily less than 7-8 hours (many have done the campaign in less than 5).