Ylands [PC] Review

See the source image Ylands is Bohemian Interactive’s latest survival game, and is comparable to Minecraft. You spawn on an island, where you have to fight to live! Though this game is challenging, it is so much fun and engaging! I have died at least 8 times, but it is so enjoyable that I keep playing. Mind you, this game is an Early Access game, so it does come with its fair share of glitches.

Starting off, there are little to no instructions on how to play the game. There is a short guide on some things, but all of the info is very vague. It took me like 20 minutes to find out how to light a fire. 20 freaking minutes. I am trying not to look things up because I feel that will dampen my experience. Exploring is risky but fun!

Getting stronger against wildlife means building armor and crafting strong iron swords. I crafted these things and felt INVINCIBLE! Went up to a wolf, STAB STAB STAB! Dead wolfy! In my head I am like, “HECK YEAH CAN’T STOP ME NOW!” Went up to a puma that wanted to make me his main course, STAB STAB! DEAD PUMA! Then I was feeling really powerful! I saw a bear, and was thinking,”OH YEAH BIG BEAR, IT’S ON!” The bear started attacking me, STAB STAB STAB! My health was going down. STAB STAB STAB! Then I died. So, although I was loaded up with with an iron sword and armor, I’m not yet invincible. Bears are the enemy. I have yet to kill a bear.

You are able to leave your small island and travel to other islands. There are sharks in the water (and occasionally on land) though, so a boat is key to your water travels. Building a boat takes a lot of resources, but oh, the sweet thrill of building a boat and preparing to explore the world and new adventures! Well my problem was, I was beached. I built my boat to close to land. I placed my sail, opened her up to make sure it worked. Oh, it worked alright. Pushed me right into a small piece of land. And then she got stuck there. You can not back up a boat, so my newly built ship was beached. Which brings me to my next point: Mission Destruction Impossible!

When you are building things such as a starter cabin, furnaces, or in my sad scenario, a boat, you have a limited time to deconstruct these items if you put it in the wrong place, or facing the wrong way. After that time is up, you can destroy it but will lose most, if not all of the resources you put in to build. Luckily trees are of plenty to chop and chop and chop. Don’t forget to replant any seeds you pick up. Save the planet! PLANT TREES!

As you collect and craft new items, more things become available to craft. Like killing your first wolf and getting the meat and pelt will give you the ability to craft a wolf mask and cooked meat. I like the ability to slowly learn the possibilities of your resources. Something that annoys me though is when you craft something, it moves that item to the first spot on the crafting menu. For example, to craft nails, its in the 12th slot on the crafting menu. When you click to craft it moves the nails from the 12th spot to the 1st. This can get annoying if you need to craft multiple of the item. You need a lot of nails for a boat, I spam clicked and ended up with some nails, a saw and a shovel. There are a lot of cool things you can craft, funny outfits, wooden letters, and flags. OH MY WORD THE STINKING FLAGS. There are so many flags to look through. I have never wasted my precious cloth resources on something purely for looks, but if I did, I have lots of choices!

I was curious as to what starting another game would teach me. I started a second world and started new. BEST THING I EVER DID! I left my old, broken, unsailable ship in the past and turned to the future. The future is stuff left behind. You know how in Minecraft when creating a new world you have the option to spawn a little box of freebies? Well I hit the freebie jackpot when I started in this second world. I spawned on a new island that had a portion of a brick wall, which I assume long ago in the history of Ylands was the remnants of some poor souls home. At the top of this wall was a cannon and cannon balls! I was like,”WHOA YEAH LET’S BLAST SOME STUFF!” I also didn’t have to collect coal as a basket of coal was there along with a smelting furnace, which I had a really hard time finding the resources to make the first time around. There were also some storage baskets and barrels with resources and a weapon, so what a lucky find for me!

This game also has multiplayer available. I have yet to try multiplayer because I don’t know anybody else who has this game. To my understanding, you can create a world, select how many players are available to join, which looks like it may cap out at 8 players. I am not 100% sure though, as I haven’t attempted to join a multiplayer game. I would love to give it a try though. Overall, this game has a lot of cool things going for it and I am very excited to see the additions as development continues. I have around 40 hours into this game, and I can see myself putting a lot more into it.