E3 2017: (Insert Game of Show Here)

Lost among arguments about which multi-billion dollar company supposedly performed the best on the E3 stage is, sometimes, the sheer depth and variety of games that will be coming out in the next couple of years (or 10 years, ahem, Sony Japan). I can already see the eyes rolling — I see you, Eurogamer — but the real winner of E3 continues to be us, the gamers. Whatever kind of gamer you are, the chances are high that a few announcements from the conference spoke to you. Across the Internet, different sites will be awarding their “Game of E3” for each of the platform holders, as well as overall. It’s a completely subjective exercise, not unlike entertainment reviews overall. 

Here at PSVG, we discussed whether to address the idea of who won E3, and whether to put our PSVG stamp on a “Game of E3.” It's a debate behind the scenes, and one that I'm sure that will be part of the podcast the next couple of weeks. But we are a diverse group and consensus will be hard to come by. So I'm tossing all of that out of the window (for now) and taking a look a what made this year's E3 fun for us: The games.

I can’t even decide for myself what my own Game of E3 would be. I loved many of the trailers during Sony’s conference, and thought Detroit and Spider-Man in-particular looked amazing. From Microsoft, Sea of Thieves blew me away, while The Last Night had an amazing aesthetic. Nintendo’s treehouse content has sold me on Mario + Rabbids, and Super Mario Odyssey looks absolutely bonkers.

Looking around PSVG, just about everyone would have a different choice for Game of Show.

Devin and Q are over-the-moon excited for Anthem. A lot of the team is. I’m cautiously optimistic. Another Bioware fanatic, Josh, is also looking forward to this one.

Just about everyone with a PS4 or Xbox has already preordered Battlefront 2, but it might be Nathan’s Game of Show, followed closely by Spider-Man. (His Gamer Tag is SpiderJedi, after all.)

Jason is joining the Empire. He is starring in Sea of Thieves as FluxBeard, and he’s stoked for The Last Night, Anthem and Mario Odyssey.

Coach Mo is jonesing to get into some futbol with this year’s FIFA on Switch. (Wait. Sources are telling me this is wrong. He’s all about the other football game.) I think I can hear him yelling "Madden!!" from Texas all the way here in Ohio. (Check out his write-up for why he remains excited about Madden’s yearly releases, and how the game continually improves.)

Donnie lost his mind when the remake of Metroid 2 was announced for 3DS, let alone Metroid Prime 4’s announcement, Super Mario Odyssey and his bae, Everybody’s Golf.

And if Amiibo counted as a game, Caroline might have Best of Show plastered all over those cute little figures. I’m particularly partial to Mipha’s, though I haven’t preordered.

Kyle can’t wait for Knack 2 to get here, though I doubt it’s quite his game-of-show. He’s stoked for the biggies of Sony’s conference, but two smaller games also jumped out at him: the PSVR adorable mouse game Moss, and The Swords of Ditto that is coming to PS4 and PC.

And, like me, Kevin is indecisive: He’s got Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein and South Park on his radar, and wants to throw down with Spider-Man, Days Gone, Detroit, Far Cry 5, God of War and Yoshi next year. (One of those is not like the others). I’m also going to eventually talk him into getting ARMS.

As cheesy as it is, this year’s E3 is a celebration in the variety that gaming offers.

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