5 Things That I Loved About the PlayStation E3 2017 Conference

Sony's conference was pretty great, and there were some great games shown. There weren't many new announcements however, and it mostly relied on games that have been in development for awhile. Quite a few surprises had me absolutely baffled, and that's what I'm going to talk about here.

5: Days Gone Actually Looks Promising

Days Gone was announced last year and it looked to be your standard "kill the zombies" game. It lacked any true identity of its own. When it was shown at this year's E3 conference this year however, that changed. The trailer starts with Deacon having a conversation with a man in an outpost who tells him that his brother, Manny, is at a site belonging to the bad guys, and is being held hostage. Deacon speeds off on his bike and starts driving towards the camp. Along the way he is hit by wirestring stretched along the road and is ambushed by two raiders who he then promptly murders after being beaten up for a minute. He then reaches the camp and we're introduced to some pretty neat stealth mechanics, what impressed me most was when Deacon picked up a bear trapped, laid it in a grassy area, and found cover before throwing a rock next to the trap, bring over one of the raiders, who then got his leg stuck, causing a ruckus and every other person in the vicinity ran to see what was going on, giving Deacon a complete opportunity to sneak away. He also later blew a dam to hold a horde of zombies from breaching the camp so as to kill everyone there without having to do any of the dirty work. It's shaping up to be a fascinating game, and with it's mechanics, and with the fact that you get to manually drive around in a motor cycle, I'm thoroughly impressed.

4: The Inpatient Looks Really Neat

This is a pretty odd choice, but it's honestly something that immediately caught my eye. I will say that I have no interest in PSVR, but the concept for this game is simply amazing. I'd say at least a few many of you reading this will have heard of Until Dawn, well this a prequel of sorts. Taking place during the 50s and set in the Blackwood Sanatorium when it was still active, the huge creepy asylum in Until Dawn. I'm looking forward to seeing how this will handle mental illness along with the native american folklore and the traumatizing inhumane nature of insane asylums during the 20th century. My only hope is that it's not confined to the PSVR, as I'd love to simply play it on my PS4

3: A Remake of Shadow of the Colossus! What?!?

This came out of nowhere and I was not expecting anything anything even remotely like this, but it's awesome that it happened. Shadow of the Colossus is an absolutely amazing game and to see it being remade for the current generation of consoles is truly a spectacle that I didn't know I wanted. There's not much that I can say however, as it was a rather short teaser and there were no other details to my knowledge that have been revealed about, but I can't wait!

2: Detroit Looks To Be Another Amazing Game

Detroit is shaping up to be a really cool narrative-driven game with it's story of an Android uprising, and strong political tensions between both Humans and the Androids themselves. With last night's trailer we are introduced to Marcus, who is the leader of the rebellion, and he's taken it upon himself to break free a group of Androids from what look's to be a department store. The trailer showcases what would happen if a violent route was taken, but there's of course another way that involves a more pacifist stance on Marcus' behalf. Quantic Dreams' game's are rather divisive for many reasons, there style of choice is impeccable, but their games do face some issues. Detroit however looks to be an amazing game inside and out and I'm definitely interested in seeing what becomes of the final product.


Spider-Man had to be number one because who doesn't love the guy? It's been ages since we've had an amazing Spider-Man game (pun fully intended) and with Insominiac at the helm I know it's going to be an excellent video game. There was a lot shown, Kingpin has a role, the Osborn family does, and even Mr. Negative. There's Arkham-esque stealth mechanics, intuitive beat-em-up combat, awesome looking web-slinging, and lengthy cut-scenes with actual neat QTE segments. Also, Miles Morales is Spider-Man, and that is just the best thing ever.

Honorable Mention: God of War looks like TLoU with Kratos

God of War is an interesting series as it was extremely gruesome and many elements, for the time, were extremely controversial. This reboot (sequel?) takes a completely different direction, with a more serious and calculating tone. It also reminds a lot of The Last of Us as Kratos now fills a fatherly role and is guiding a child through a perilous journey, it's a neat concept and I legitimately think that it works. The beat-em-up mechanics look solid and more impactful, and not to mention that the graphics are drop dead gorgeous.

That concludes what I loved about this year's E3 conference from Sony and it was pretty fantastic. Thanks for reading!