Coach is Jacked for Madden: Responds from the Sideline

See the source image Today was an amazing day. I love EA. For years they have made games that I derive so much pleasure and enjoyment from. There have been some bad days following them for sure, but a lot of good ones too thanks to the games they make. Most of you know, my favorite of their franchise is the Madden series.

So as I watched the EA conference with with my wife, I literally jumped out of the seat when I saw the drumline all decked out in their Patriots gear. My Madden hype meter had already blown past 10! As I tweeted out my excitement and hype for this new installation of the series,  I saw a lot of comments that I will sum up below that seem to come every year. My goal being to respond to them and hopefully clear up some of the misinformation.


I cant wait for them to swap the 8 in for the 7 on Madden 18.

Comments like this are a norm for non sports gamers. You would think that in an industry trying to be taken seriously as a medium, that's trying to breed love and inclusiveness, that is wants respect for all... would try harder to stop these comments. Every year on IGN, Kotaku, and the rest I am forced to see a group of on air personalities whom could care less about the these million dollar franchises that compete for large portions of sales in the gaming market every year. Their lack of education and continued indifference just breeds this wall of hate that surrounds these storied franchises.

The second thing I would like to point out is best said this way. To say that Madden 18 is similar to Madden 17 or any combination of these games over the past 27 years is the same as saying Mario Bros is the exact same as Mario 3D world. That is the level of incompetence that is being spewed and agreed upon.

"Oh its just an updated roster."

Oh Mario can just jump on different things.

The Madden games are refined, intricacies of the game dove deeper into, every single year. They have new layers that allow the player to engulf them self in the sport that they love. I have seen playbooks and block schemes go form being basic, to following modern day trends in the passing and screen game. The ability for a defense to really run the Cover 4 is one of the greatest achievements in gaming for AI in my opinion of the last 10 years. This huge feet in Madden 17 changed the ways professional Madden players played from a year ago.

So when I see this phrase uttered and agreed upon by the voices I respect in so many other areas it just breaks my heart. Not because it contradicts my own believes, but because the ignorance that is shown creates hypocrites of those people I looked up to and makes it hard for me to trust them. Please don't comment on things you don't know about. I try so hard to make sure I play every game possible, so that when I have an opinion, my play through is the proof behind the words I write.


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Coach, I hope to someday love a game as much as you love Madden.

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The game job simulator is one of my favorite games on PSVR. Its fun to just goof off in. My work life revolves around the game of football. Its why I live in Texas. Football is king here. I study the game, go to clinics, talk to coached, draw it on my white boards, teach it to my players, watch the games on TV with my wife. I love my Chicago Bears, my Oregon State Beavers, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I spent most of my life, dedicated to the game of football. Madden allows me to connect with that game even more. It lets me build a dynasty, compete against friends and strangers, and have a common connections with my student athletes as we play together almost every week.

Madden is the one game that I know every year, will get a tone of my time. The last 2 games of Madden I have been blessed to play with great friends, build dynasties together, and enjoy a time of fellowship that I can only compare to when I played football in college and semi pro. If you have never played at that level, I am sorry but I lack the skill to properly paint the picture with my written words of what that feeling is like.


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I don't understand your undying love for Madden. Sports games and I have a hard time seeing eye to eye.

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Now I am not saying that I 100% understand the context from my dear friend Lobo. But here is what I felt when I heard it.

  1. The games aren't fun for me
  2. I don't understand how to do what I want to do inside them

Sports are not for everyone. That's ok. I am not asking everyone to love the game that I love. There are plenty of games out there that I don't like and that's ok too. But if you haven't played my game, then don't comment on it. Don't throw shade at it and call it just a roster update. If you love sports in real life and don't understand how to play the game, the key is going to be finding what part you like which leads me to point two.

For point two, the interworking's of the Madden game have come so far that you have to have the ability to process information, learn from mistakes and dive deeper into the content (grinding) to get good on it. When a new Raid comes out on Destiny or you fail a mission on another game, you don't just keep trying the same thing over and over again. If a new Madden player is playing on Rookie level and only runs two plays, you are not going to get better. You will not learn how to use the pre snap reads to find passing and running lanes. You wont learn how to stagger a blitz for an easy sack, you wont learn how to trick a QB into throwing into coverage. This game takes time, effort, and most of all a willingness to discover new avenues to be good at. If you don't you are doomed to repeat the mistakes and be frustrated by it.

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I know that was fairly long winded so I will wrap it up by saying that Madden 18 is looking to give me another great year of football fun, with a franchise I love, playing with amazing friends. I am so excited for this game and if you want to play, talk about the game, learn some ins and outs I would love to help. And if its not for you, I hope we can find something else to play together. That's why this website is here, so we can all play some games.