E3 2017 Wrap Up: 5 Things I Loved From Electronic Arts (EA)

E3 2017 has begun and EA (Electronic Arts) kicked off the expo's series of presentations just minutes ago showing off a varied and impressive lineup of game offerings. Overall, I found the show to be full of weird and awkward hiccups be it the Men In Blazers, the YouTuber's that forgot their lines or the many silent pauses where speakers expected applause, there were some cringe-worthy moments to be had. However, the show really delivered with content (which is the only thing that matters) esp. during the second of the hour long show. So without further ado, here are the five things I loved most from EA at E3 2017.

#1 Star Wars Battlefront 2

EA's closer, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a great note to end on and incredibly impressive. While it may not excite as much as a new announcement  (we'll get to that one soon enough) it delivered in full spectacle fashion. EA openly addressed the short-comings of the Star Wars Battlefront & made a point to recognize that they have paid attention to the feedback. Visually the game looked stunning on PC build most likely, but have to think Pro and Scorpio look close in comparison. Map design looked much improved with grander landscapes to traverse and a myriad of objects to duck in and out of. Plus that cockpit view from the star-fighter was incredibly tempting.

  • Single player Story mode - Check
  • Diverse Multiplayer classes - Check
  • Free DLC expansions / Not splitting game's player base - CHECK!

What else do you want? IMO, SWBF2 is at the top of my shooter list for this upcoming Fall.

#2 A Way Out

With 'A Way Out' EA unveiled a new IP at the absolute perfect time. After a drum line, a recreated scene from a Fast and Furious movie, and bludgeoning fans over the head with a lot of soccer news, EA dropped the perfect palette cleanser. A Way Out is a new, Co-Op only, escape from prison adventure. The trailer shown showcased multiple paths to complete objectives, a need to be in sync with your playing companion, as well as some narrative hints that set the hook for what could be a compelling and touching journey. Josef Fares, Director & Writer for the game, was also a much needed shake-up on stage as he brought energy and some genuine dialog to the otherwise suit show that had proceeded the announcement.

#3 Anthem

Hard to fathom that a game trailer that was only 52 seconds could be as high on a list as #3, but that's what we have here with Anthem. This game excited many with very little for a few reasons.

  • Anthem is the newest game from BioWare - the Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Old Republic Developers.
  • The trailer showcased sci-fi, power armor wearing characters, a massive lush jungle full of huge monsters.
  • Most importantly though, the teaser came with the caveat that Anthem would revealed during Microsoft's keynote so be sure to tune in tomorrow!

#4 Battlefront 1: In the Name of the Tsar

I honestly didn't expect one mention of Battlefield 1 at this years show. It was a pleasant and welcomed surprise that will continue to bring value to a game so many people enjoyed. The new, Russian flavor to the visuals appeared fresh and its worth noting the female playable characters are a first for the Battlefield franchise.  EA brought the house with it. here's the rundown.

  • 2 Night maps
  • A new expansion, In the Name of the Tsar
  • 6 new maps featuring the Russian army including the "iconic women's battalion of death"
  • Teaser for a new squad competitive mode dubbed Supply Drop
  • New weapons
  • Additional Battlefield expansions are on the way also.
    • Turning Tides in December
    • Apocalypse in early 2018

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#5 Madden 2018

In all honesty, I'm impressed with how much investment EA has in the Madden franchise every year. It must be difficult to show up at E3 every year with a game everyone expects and still strive to impress. Consider me impressed EA as this year they unveiled a new story-centric campaign for the long running football series. Titled "Longshot" you play the part of a Devin Wade, a hotshot quarterback from the University of Texas who's been away from the game for a few years. As you'd expect, it'll be your task to make sure he reaches the NFL and accomplish the dream of winning a Super Bowl.

A side note - This would be the first appearance of licensed colleges (Texas and Oregon are shown in the trailer) in a football game since the Ed O'Bannon vs. NCAA case. Likely EA just obtained licenses for just these two with this game but .... is it possible that they're working on reacquiring the ability to produce an NCAA game proper? We can always dream.