What Would It Take To Get Me To Buy An Xbox One

See the source image I hear at least once a week if not more, "Kevin, you should buy an Xbox One....". So I thought it was fitting to contribute to "Xbox Week" here with an explanation why I do not have one, and what it would actually take to get me to purchase one. So let's start with why I don't already have one, no it's not because I'm "Anti-Xbox" or anything as people might initially think. Long ago I did in fact own an Xbox 360 and I have played almost every entry of Gears of War, well at least 1,2, and 3.

For myself the main reason I don't already have one is, I have a Playstation 4 already. It was purchased shortly after launch, once I could get my hands on it. Flash forward to 2017 I just don't see a reason (at least for me) to have both consoles. For someone who already has current gen consoles (PS4, Switch, and a decent PC) there just isn't enough meat on the bone for me. Do the games look better on the X1? No. Does it offer a unique experience? No. Are there tons of great blockbuster exclusives out there to make it worth it for me to spend at least $300 for the console and then the money on top of it to play the games? For me? Not at all.

Now that's not an attack, games many loyal Xboxers love are definitely there. But Halo and Forza doesn't do anything for me, especially not enough to spend over $400 total to experience them. Now there are a few games I am interested in like Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 4, Crackdown 3, and if it still exists Cuphead. So there are certainly games on there or coming soon on there that I would 1005 play, BUT for me at least they don't even come close to stacking up to what PS4 has/had to offer.

Games like The Last of Us, Uncharted, Infamous, Until Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Bloodborne, the list goes on and on with much more coming down the pipeline. I already have more than enough to play on my PS4, I don't need another box in my home.

Now, many claim (and I believe) that Xbox has the better online experience. While Sony I think has done alot to catch up on here, I think Xbox still has the throne. But, oh yea, I rarely play anything online.....so once again, not a factor for me!

Kevin, what about backwards compat? While this is a GREAT service for many fans, once again it is something I wouldn't take advantage on, I don't have a 360 library to go back to and play on my X1 and I don't think most of the games offered now warrant me hunting down a 360 copy to play on my X1 .

Ok, my negativity....we've heard so much about why you don't want it.....so what would it take?

Let's start with the easy one that doesn't need a whole lot of explanation. Price drop, while the price overall of the X1 has come down significantly since launch. For someone who doesn't need another box, I still need it lower. Honestly I think it's coming....with the announcement of Scorpio (most likely at E3) I would imagine another price drop is in order for the Xbox One S. My sweet spot? $199.99 and toss in a game for me. For something I do not need, I can justify splurging a little and making the additional purchase for sure.

Secondly it's the games....I need more to play if I were to make the jump. As it stands right now there is very little that appeals to me. Now who knows maybe we will see some of these things happen at E3, but this is a list of games that would get me thinking about an Xbox.

Alan Wake, this was one of my favorite games on the 360, I would love to see this brought back with a new installment, OR a remaster collection of all the older titles wrapped into one.

Fable, Xbox needs their "Zelda"....Nintendo clearly has it, Playstation has it in Horizon Zero Dawn, Microsoft needs it plain and simple. Whether it's given to Rare to work on or whatever, I want to see this classic come back.

Speaking of Rare, if they are in fact not working on Fable, then I want to see them be Rare again. Microsoft has not utilized this team to it's potential at all. Since purchase they have ruined Perfect Dark and worked on a very subpar Conker game as well as some Viva Pinata for the kiddies. Give them the freedom they need to do something great again, and most likely something retro related. At least something to give me the same feelings I had playing their games in the SNES and N64 days.

Another one I thought of was Left 4 Dead...I could easily see Microsoft bringing this to the X1 as a console exclusive (it would still be on PC) but I would be very excited if they were to announce this one at E3 as a possibility.

Sure, they will undoubtedly have alot to announce this year. I would even take some new stuff, some original IPs. The main issue is there are far less exclusives on either PS4 or X1 so each has to make a play to get people on their console. Most games are brought cross platform, they need to try harder. For the sake of the industry I would like to see that happen this year.

That's it, simple as that. Not as long of a list as one might imagine. Lower the price and give me some more exclusives to get excited about. I think this E3 is a big turning point for Microsoft, either in a good way or a bad way. They need to deliver the goods, show the scorpio (but don't spend 30 min talking about it, like you did with your cable service years ago) and show us some fantastic content. I for sure will be watching.

Be sure to tell me in the comments why you agree with me, or why I am a huge idiot and give me more reasons why I should own one today!