Living Single: a 2 am Reflection

Dear PSVG patron or moreover Dear Family, 

How are you? Ah that’s good to hear, I’m proud of you. How am I? I am tired. I am exhausted and in need of that sweet freedom that comes in the form of laying my head down next to my beautiful wife and two dogs whom are currently curled up in one symbiotic comfort fort of love. I want to be a part of that snuggle fort so badly, but sadly that fort is like Walter Peyton and I am a hopeless Green Bay packer being evaded and left staring and wishing.  You see I am troubled. I would even go as far as to say, troubled with a capital T. A reference to a play I saw with my wonderful wife, but it makes more sense to me now then it did back then. To comprise (to undertake for those of you guessing and no I didn’t look it up. I will tell you the truth though, I looked it up because I wasn’t sure if it was a word and to my delight it was) the Trouble I currently feel in my heart. 

You see I spent my whole day at my computer which normally means games, games, and more games. But today was work. I am taking classes to work on my Florida Licenses for coaching and they are tedious. My lowest score on the 25 tests I took (all over different units of the things I have done for 10 years now) was an 85 because I refused to look once I did enough to pass with an 80, evidently one of my random clicks was correct. But the tedium of these classes are not what got to me today. It was fine and all as I got to be with my wife while she watched the news and did work for her new job as well. It was good. It wasn’t that I didn’t get to game as I did, I played with Nate, Dan, Brian, and Ray and pulled some sweet heist set up in GTA V. (Also, I crushed it at driving the garbage truck, better than Nate, just saying.) 

Its not that I haven’t heard from the schools I applied to for my doctorate either. No, it is something that is bothering me to my core and keeping me from resting. Why was season 5 of Living Single so rough and so good in places. I mean seriously! Why did Kyle leave. Why did Regina just walk out? Why did my girl Sinclair have to dress up as a dude, not that she didn’t look the part but it seemed silly to me due to the fact they could of talked about how dumb it was that the job she wanted only had room for one woman in the troupe and the injustice of it. This is the one that stings me the most. The first four seasons are amazing, and they hit on things that we are still fighting for and trying to get brought to the worlds attention nah, the UNITED STATES ATTENTION! This show broke down walls and said look, look at the mess that is here! Wont you help clean it up! But at this time, they didn’t. They could have talked about how messed up Hollywood was and how rotten it is that woman who were hilarious were skipped over because companies wanted to make their he-man-woman-haters clubs. 

living single 2

Some of you reading this may be like, what is Living Single. Some may have watched an episode or two and been like hey its Queen Latifah! But I would wager a good deal of you have seen the show and feel like I do that it was a step in the right direction. I remember watching it on the small tv upstairs and watching it while my sisters slept, and I waited for my folks to get home from working late. I remember my first crush came from that show (its more fun to make you guess who then to tell you). I remember the episode where the cops didn’t show up on time and asking, why wouldn’t they show up? This lead to me and my friends talking about it and an older brother giving me a reality check on how certain neighborhoods were treated. 

So, for a show who hit on such hard topics through the first four seasons. For a show that grows up and becomes a great show in front of your eyes, to just stumble in season Five floors me. I mean how. HOW! How? Why do we only see a few sets, and the magazine scenes disappear? Why do wardrobes get reused more? Why did characters leave, most to never be seen again? Why in God’s green earth would Khadija just run off with Scooter. Not tell her family, loved ones, anyone that she is just picking up and leaving for a weekend? Why not go down swinging and saying, look at this world. 

Now I blamed Friends for a long time when Living Single was cancelled. So much that it took me till after high school to watch it. I hated them for taking a show that I enjoyed away from me. As an adult I know its not their fault directly. I was young and needed someone to blame. I am not asking for the show to be brought back. I would like it if it did, but I would only love it like I do know if things were answered and they came out and broke the walls again, coming in like a wrecking ball…. Oh yea, that one felt good.

 So, I sit here at the computer typing up another long rant about something I feel. I can’t sleep because I don’t understand why it happened the way it did. I can’t sleep because I don’t see how a show that was so good, was just ripped apart and left to die. If I share this one with you reader, I hope you can see what I am pointing at with out me having to say it. Because, saying it makes it harder. It makes it sting more.

 Did Living Single fail because of the BBQ Becky’s of the world, the ignorant ones. The ones who call the police when someone is chilling at a pool. The ones who shoot first and ask questions never. Those are the same people who didn’t connect with this show and in droves ran to their televisions and raved about Friends and shows like it. Shows with white castings. Are they the reason a show with less heart and worse characters (yes Friends actors became bigger but I’m sorry Living Single’s characters as far as depth and emotion blew them out of the water) won awards and lasted 10 seasons. Those people.

I rack my brain asking how do I stop them? How do I protect my kids from them? How do I keep my students from becoming one of them? How? In climate where we see more of this ignorance daily, I just want to know what I can do as a teacher/coach/gamer to not let this be the norm. How can I make a change?

woo woo

 Yes. Woo Woo Woo. Not a call for quitting, but consoling. I will sleep on this tonight and every other night. Hoping to find an answer. Goodnight family. Thank you for listening.

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