PSVG Invades “Make Us Better”

Today is a landmark day for PSVG as we’ve joined forces with the Make Us Better Community – Bad Bit Games, Warp Whistle Gaming, The Trophy Room, If We Ran Nintendo, We the Gamercast, and Nintendo Nostalgia as a Patreon Member. In our official announcement video below we cover all the details but we want to reiterate and be very clear on the following;

  • We are not changing our podcast rotation, feed or staff.
  • We are not locking any of our content, be it blog, video or podcast behind a paywall
    • Nor are we planning to create any Patreon exclusive content.
  • In fact the only real tangible change that we are implementing is a move to a new discord server. Listeners or readers of PSVG should be receiving alerts on how to make the migration but if you miss out you can join the new discord by simply clicking on this link here.

Caroline and I (Donnie) also put our creativity to work to create a fun, second announcement in the form of song that we hope you enjoy as well.

Ultimately we made this decision first and foremost to unite an already tight-knit “Podern Family” as so many of our most active listeners are either already Patrons to Make Us Better or avid listeners. We hope this partnership increases our cross over, makes it easier for all of you to interact with all of us and just amplifies this growing “Super Indie Podcasts” group that continues to make amazing content.

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