Breaking News: Future HoF Madden Gm to Retire

News Break:


Leaks have come from the New York Jets camp that the great Jets Madden Owner and GM Dan W Johnson will be retiring this year making this his last year in his storied Madden Career. We cover the highs, lows, and get info from around the league as speculation rises on why he is leaving the game.




There were not many lows in GM Dan’s career. He was a player’s owner who did right by his team and was known for his generosity. Not a lot of wasted money, spent on players who deserved it, and let players test free agency and still welcomed them back with open arms. The only low or issue was the pesky monkey on his back, the Chicago Bears and GM Mahoney. Like the Bills of the 90’s his Jets teams made it to the promised land multiple times but left with only two super bowl wins in his 11 year career. Some teams just have your number and sadly one of the greatest madden Gm’s of all time competed against a fellow great in the same era. Will he make it into the PSVG Madden Hall of Fame, this writer believes its hard to keep him out, but we will have to see in the next five years how his story unfolds.


Seeing the Jets hoist the super bowl championship must be one of the highs but the most impressive was the way Gm Dan built a team to last. With multiple years of NFL AFC dominance as well as very high draft grades, you knew after year one, this was a new jets regime that wanted to win and to keep winning.

The moment that will stand out to me as the greatest was the “Turnover Bowl.” That may have been the best worst Super Bowl of all time.

Multiple winning seasons, 8-year conference champion, and two-time super bowl victor. Over 10 hall of famers drafted and more memories than we can count. Thank you, Dan.

Jets Pro Bowl Quarterback Tyler Mace:

Had it not been for Mr. Johnson, I would have never gotten the chance to compete and win super bowls that I have with the Jets. So grateful for all he and his wife Z, have done for me.



Former Giants Owner Ray statement:

{Dan} always worked hard at struggling. His defense was a solid mixture of the 2012 Jaguars and the ’85 Browns, but he won just as many games as the ’17 Giants… All heart that guy. No skill, but lots of freaking heart.


Chiefs Owner Brian Statement:

I just don’t get how he stopped me with both the plays I ran. I mean seriously, I have two plays at they aren’t working, game must be broken.


Former New England Head Coach Darth Vader statement:

It’s unthinkable, I thought he’d never retire… But I wonder if he will come back out of retirement for a shot at glory once more…


Former Chicago Bears QB, Current Bears Offensive Coordinator and Hall of Famer Jay Cutler:

I know as a team we aren’t commenting on this, but it feels wrong. I am honored to of played against those great Jets teams put together by GM Dan Johnson. He was a terrific leader and built a great franchise we are still game-planning for and hope to battle again for super bowls to come.

IMG_0832 (1)

Current Bears Head coach Matt Nagy:


I’d love to say more but with just being hired on by the Bears I know how they feel about being a tight-lipped group. The Bear way is the Bear way. I wish him all the luck in his retirement.


Statement from Bears Owner and GM Mahoney:

When we reached out to Bears Media Director Charles Tillman who said the GM had no comment. We reached out multiple times, again and again but still nothing. With such a storied relationship and careers it didn’t sit right with us here at PSVG sports. No, we couldn’t let that be how we ended this article.

So, we flew to Chicago and drove to Halas hall hoping that we could get more from this storied franchise on the retirement of one of the best Madden GM’s in the game. Media Director Charles Tillman and others informed me that GM Mahoney had no comment and was solely focused on continuing to build the Bears in to the best team he could.

However, as I was being escorted out of Halas hall I saw old Mo standing in his office overlooking Cutler field-house. He looked at me with a glass in his hand. Nodded, and poured a little out, letting me know that even though it went against the Bear way to talk to me and that it was always work first in that building, he understands the lose of a great competitor and GM. As I continued, leaving Halas hall, he turned and stared out over the field. Would we ever know the true story about the bond these two GM’s had? Will we ever understand what it was like having them both hired at the same time and turn two lackluster teams into NFL greatness? I hope some day I am there to read that story along with you.


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