PSVG Under Attack from Giant Developer

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E3. E to the frickin 3. Man what a whirlwind it has been. So much news, games, content to make. Well, until last night that is. Last night we lived those famous lyrics “I fought the law and the law won.”

We stand here today draggin our broken bones and body towards the midway point of E3 hoping to find some common ground with our foe.

As our stream was up sharing our live reactions of all the Ubisoft things. And then boom, the juggernaut that is Ubi said no, not today PSVG. The blocked us, locked us up, and threw away the key.

Now why would Ubisoft go against the PSVG empire you ask? I mean we are like the best PSVG podcast network I know. We have all the personalities and content in every which way and form. I asked myself that same question and came up with three possible ideas.

Could this be because of the good reviews we didn’t give their games? Could it be because we wouldn’t sell out and let them buy our voice? Could it be the fact that one dashing and very good looking coach Mo wasn’t on the stream?

After texting Kevin early this morning I found out it was none of these things. He reminded me that I love Ubisoft games and play a lot of them (Siege for life). It was an unfortunate incident that lead to the 90 day block on YouTube for us sharing with this great community here at PSVG.

Later, they apologized to boss man Don and said they would work on a fix asap. How soon will it come, we don’t know. Now I speculate that this was intentional due to some comments of the salty persuasion made towards a certain game with ships. Can I prove this… No. Will I pursue finding the truth? Probably not. Will I make sarcastic remarks on the internet? Like a Dev T to Destiny, you bet I will. Watch yourself Ubi, I’m on to you.



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