Splatoon Voice Chat headset- is well…..very Nintendo….

Great News, after all this time we finally have an answer to a question raised awhile ago for gamers, how will nintendo do voice chat? They did mention along time ago that it would be through an app accessible from your smart devices (not the Nintendo Switch), so we’ve known for quite some time it would be non-traditional. I do want to preface before we get into the details. This is 100% not necessary and you can do the same thing MANY other ways. We are just reporting what we are being told is the “official” solution provided.

Yep, that’s it. So the games sound will come directly from your Nintendo Switch while the chat audio comes from your phone or tablet. Connect each of those to the snazzy squid splitter and then connect the very Splatoony headset and voila ,voice-chat. Now before you go thinking well this is an unofficial product…screen shots will argue with you because it also appears to be an in-game item the inklings are wearing.

Good news is, Hori sent over one for us to test out, considering the internet exploded with this news we thought we would release it and show you all it’s really not as bad as it looks.


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