Should you *Switch* to amiibo cards?

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When Kotaku brought some awareness to the underground world of amiibo it caught Donnie’s attention. So much so in fact that he sold his amiibo and went all in. Intrigued? Watch the video for a full breakdown. Let us know what you think about his more recent brash decision in the comments below.


One Comment on “Should you *Switch* to amiibo cards?

  1. It’s definitely a slippery slope where this has headed. It’s unfortunate that content has been “locked” behind Amiibo, and then the stock levels/scalping make it impossible to obtain said amiibo. The funny thing is, when they showed off the AC cards I thought “these are dumb, I want the figures”. These cards look slick though and very much change my opinion on the idea. I would like to see Nintendo offer cards in the future as well as the figures.


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