Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic

I like to start my reviews with an intro that ties into the game and the feelings it gives me. Normally this is done with an analogy or merging the game with feelings/memories I have had. So when you read this next sentence, please understand that this took me hours of thought, careful deliberation, and rewrite after rewrite after rewrite.


This game is Chris Rock.

Take a second. Reread it, prep yourself.

This game, this hilarious game, is Chris Rock.

What do I mean by this? Well folks, when I dove into this game it was one of those moments when I was just salty. I cant remember what was wrong with me, but something was just bugging me like crazy and I was not in a great state of mind. I dove in to this game and in moments, found myself laughing and thinking. From one liners involving pop culture to jokes about you dying in game, this game deleivers a great sense of humor in an old school styled game. This is an RPG game with some Roguelike loving sprinkled on top. Why I say its Chris Rock, is because even though there is a fun little story in here, its best moments in my open are when it is making fun of pop culture through the dialogue and actions in the game (Chris Rock at his funniest as well).

The main game:

In the game you will pick three of the six available characters to start your quest (my favorite part due to the interactions that proceed from picking someone and not picking others). You then will begin one of the main quests, travel to dungeons with some random encounters, and fight your way through. What makes this game brilliant is that if you are successful you will return back to the town to resupply and pick your hero’s to begin a new quest. But if you die, that’s it. Game over. See you later, thanks for playing, have a nice day buddy buddy. This game is a one and done so you need to keep someone alive in your party at the end of the quests to keep the good times rolling.

I really dug the old school feel of the game, though I am not often into the Pixel-lated style of game art (guys do you see what I did there, do you?). But the style and humor tied in with a great soundtrack that doesn’t get annoying during game play thankfully. I could share more but with the story being a fairly repetitive game style (not in a bad way folks, most RPG’s follow the same ark) with similar quests and boss fights, I don’t want to ruin to much for the gamer.

After several hours, many deaths, and some awesome successes I left this game happier for having played it. Its one I would have missed had I not gotten the chance to play it for our wonderful Play Some Video Games family. So if you are looking for an old school art style RPG with a cute sound track, then this is your game. If those things make you go, what? Then I would dive deeper and watch some videos before you pull the trigger. I hope this review helped you out with out spoiling so much and sparked your interest in Pixel Heros: Byte and Magic.

One Comment on “Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic

  1. Coach Mo doing the writing thing still! When you posting the Sea of Thieves one?


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