The Last Guardian Review Round-Up

Just a week after that other game with a 10-year development cycle released, Sony has unleashed The Last Guardian to a fanbase that has eagerly anticipated the cat-bird-dog game since Brian the Brain was a thing. Comment below if you’re excited about the games release, and read below what others are saying around the Internet:

I was constantly driven to continue pushing forward throughout the 12-hour journey, and I’m happy to say that the payoff of the final 90 minutes made the whole thing worth it. But the heart of The Last Guardian is the bond between the nameless boy and the unusual giant hybrid animal Trico, who has more life and personality than nearly any other A.I. companion I’ve ever seen in a game. ~ IGN

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It’s insane how organic Guardian is. It doesn’t feel like a cookie-cutter puzzle platformer, and instead delivers on the promise of giving us an actual “adventure.” If there’s such a thing as the “companion genre,” Team Ico has cornered the market. I appreciate that in this era of microtransactions and multiplayer-centric project, there’s still room for something like this, tumultuous development cycle or not. ~ Destructoid

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In numerous cases I would give up on a puzzle and set down the controller, turning away from the screen. When I turned back 10 or 15 minutes later, Trico would inexplicably, finally be in the position I had been trying to get it into when I gave up. It feels like the game is emulating real cat behavior by putting in some hidden timer before it will listen to you. It makes for a realistic depiction of my favorite house pet, but it’s terrible gameplay. ~ Polygon

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Although it does have significant issues when playing, there’s just something truly unique about it. Trico is a sweet, loyal and loveable creature you’ll develop a fervent bond with, and the environments are interesting – full of unique details and surprises. Nine years on and The Last Guardian is here, but its long awaited arrival isn’t quite the revelation we all hoped it would be. ~ God is a Geek

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Much like a real pet, Trico doesn’t automatically learn because you want it to, but its progress yields confidence in your cooperation as it eventually learns to take commands on the first try. This is gratifying from a gameplay perspective, since you feel less like you’re wasting time investigating the world and more like you’re working in concert with a reliable partner. As an emotionally invested player, your patience is handsomely rewarded by the formation of an unwavering bond. ~ Gamespot

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